This is Leng & Sry Om from ODA (Orphans and Disabled Arts Association) in Srass Srong Village in Siem Reap District, Cambodia.

To all friends of ODA,

We want to thank you from our hearts that you were all so kind to support ODA, & help us to care for all the children. We know that we couldn’t do it without your help & are very happy that you all are so good. Sales & donations, big or small, are lifeline of our NGO (Non-Government Organization) Orphanage.

We now have 20 children who all healthy & eat lot rice so we must paint lot pictures & postcards to keep all well & all at school. I go temples every morning very early & some days see no tourists who buy from me. It is hard year for all world, but hard for poor Cambodian. We are lucky, when we worry how to pay, new good people just come & we have not to worry again for few days. You good friends make us able to buy food & pay for all & you make us all very happy. You & your family & friends all very good to us at ODA.

The children say thank you from their hearts & we wish you good luck for your life, you make very good luck for our life here at ODA.

Very big thank you to you all

Leng & Sry Om, Sophan & ODA children.

February 10, 2011


Thank you for helping us start the New Year!

Monfre LLC
Glen Robinson
Peter Albert
Malcolm Airs
Charlotte Durand
Hans Veenman
Toinette Peggram

January 10, 2011


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kelsey Timler
Peter Albert
Malcolm Airs
Edwin & Pat Coyle, We hope that this donation helps with your mission.
Eric Gothbeg
Lynn & Jenny Carter, we hope this helps in some way.
Sarah Sanford
Sina Bohnhoff

December 2, 2010


Many Thanks for all your generosity!

Dianne Barnes
Peter Albert
Malcolm Airs
Nicholas Davies
Jenny Mulkearns
Sina Bohnhoff
Katya Johnson

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