December 2, 2010


Many Thanks for all your generosity!

Dianne Barnes
Peter Albert
Malcolm Airs
Nicholas Davies
Jenny Mulkearns
Sina Bohnhoff
Katya Johnson

November 2, 2010


Much Thanks!

Freya Bramwell
Peter Albert
Melinda Marek
Sheryl Fever
Malcolm Airs
Sina Bohnhoff

October 2, 2010


Thank you all!

Edwin Coyle
peter Albert
Malcolm Airs
Sina Bohnhoff
Yen Lee

September 3, 2010

August Donations!

Thank you!

Peter Albert
Walter Greig - From Bruce & Janine Greig for School Uniforms
Malcolm Airs
Eric Gothberg
Simon Young
Jenny Mulkearns
Sina Bohnhoff

July 27, 2010

July Donations!

Many thanks to all our supporters!

Kim Eastwood -
  • Hi I visited in November 2009 and fell in love with you all. On June 4th 2010 I completed a sky dive from 13000ft for you and managed to raise this money which I would love to donate to you all. I really hope this money will help you in any way that is required, but I would like to request that you buy all the children an ice cream from the man selling them from his bike which is what i did when I visited, and to see all there faces was an amazing site and something I will never forget likewise I will never forget "sunshine" she was adorable. I really hope to visit you all again soon . Love to you all Kim Eastwood (High Wycombe , UK)
Peter Albert
Jenny Mulkearns
Sina Bohnhoff

June 7, 2010

June Donations!

A Big Thank You During Our Difficult Monsoon Season!

Peter Albert
Sina Bohnhoff
Lucy Reynolds
- In loving memory of Lisa Anne White! I miss you LAW. My this donation go to an area of the world Lisa loved and help the children of this region. Love, Lucy
Anne Warwick, 2x

May Donations!

Thank you all!

Lynn Carter - We visited ODA in March 2010 with the APT Robert McGeary bus, we enjoyed the artwork, the dancing and saw the good work being done for the kids and the need for assistance, we hope this will assist in some way and wish you all the very best, Lynn & Jenny Carter, Victoria Australia
Anne Warwick
Eric Gothberg
Sina Bohnhoff

April 23, 2010

April Donations!

Thank you all for your donations!

Eric Gothberg
Sina Bohnhoff
- Greetings from Germany! Especially to So Chat who's picture is hanging on my kitchen wall! Best regards, Sina
Heather Kay

March 31, 2010

March Donations!

We had a flurry of donations this past month and I would like to thank the following people:

Robert McGeary
Corinne Banks
Simon Young
Lori Spear
- In memory of Lisa White
Dorajean Littrell
Rachael Kaighin
-Shields - In memory of Lisa White
Christina Roysden
Julia Wanklyn
Linda Williams
John McBay
Arieh Scharnberg

March 5, 2010

Donation of $700!

A message from Karen Cunningham-Walker:

My children and I visited the ODA in April 2009 at Khmer new year, when we heard about if after making inquiries in Siem Reap about visiting an orphanage. We were fortunate to be introduced to ODA and The Children's house of Peace. I took my 2 daughters, Berenice, aged now 14 and Georgiana, 10(then 13 and 9) to visit Leng on the afternoon before we left for UK. We met the children who were there and asked if we might fund raise in UK and what they needed. Leng suggested a computer so we promised we would raise funds to secure just that.

The children came home and wrote presentation with photos for their schools and each school did their own fund raiding. My eldest organized an amazing talent show with her form for the school and raised we felt a lot of money for the 2 orphanages. They also had an idea at Christmas when we were snowed in and invited the neighbors round for supper and give a presentation - that again raised money a significant sum.

I hope these funds will be put to good use for the children and we will hope to carry on with fund raising ideas in the future at the schools. The details of the school is Sir William Borlases's Grammar school, Marlow and the neighbors are the Friends on Winter Hill!!! We took many photos at the orphanage and if ever you need any just shout!

Also some students from the older years at Berenice's school are planning a
trip to Cambodia next year. I hope maybe to see if any of the students would be able to visit the ODA?

With love from Berenice, Georgiana, from 9CS, and all the children at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School and friends on Winter Hill!

February 23, 2010


Alexandria Jackson and Apogee Electronics has made a nice donation of $620.

Apogee Electronics is a Pro Audio Company based in Santa Monica, California (USA) that does a lot of work with orphanages all over the world.

Alexandria actually stumbled across ODA (like many of us) en route to see the Land Mine Museum. She instantly fell in love with ODA and wanted to start her involvement with a small donation that would be of immediate use. Specifically, supplying lights to the three village classroom lights.

February 4, 2010

ODA Sponsors!

Simon & Annette from the UK have generously decided to make monthly donations of £500/month!

January 6, 2010

Anonymous Donor!

We just received a sizable donation from an anonymous donor for $620, Thank you!