July 27, 2010

July Donations!

Many thanks to all our supporters!

Kim Eastwood -
  • Hi I visited in November 2009 and fell in love with you all. On June 4th 2010 I completed a sky dive from 13000ft for you and managed to raise this money which I would love to donate to you all. I really hope this money will help you in any way that is required, but I would like to request that you buy all the children an ice cream from the man selling them from his bike which is what i did when I visited, and to see all there faces was an amazing site and something I will never forget likewise I will never forget "sunshine" she was adorable. I really hope to visit you all again soon . Love to you all Kim Eastwood (High Wycombe , UK)
Peter Albert
Jenny Mulkearns
Sina Bohnhoff