Children of ODA

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Chhon Sannchay, age 4, loves pulling the other kids in the toy car (a wooden cart). Sannchay wants to be an Artist and Apsara Dancer when she grows up. She also enjoys dancing and playing football with Bhub.

Leng Vitou, age 3, likes playing with the toy car (a wooden cart), the ball, and painting. His older brother is Reech.

Leng Reech, age 6, is usually quiet, but enjoys playing with his dinosaur, Spiderman, and wrestling. Reech wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His younger brother is Vitou.

Pav, age 5, loves music, dancing, and singing everyday. He is always full of energy that he sings when he wakes up and before he sleeps. When he grows up he wants to be an actor or singer. Pav also likes playing football and has an older sister, Srey Khoutch.

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