Volunteers Experiences

Thank you all for your wonderful input to enrich the experiences of the ODA children. The varied activities & education ensures they have quite wide activities. You all have been very kind in sharing your time & experience with ODA & while Leng thanked you while you were there – he wants me to make sure you understand how happy he is that you all shared some of your life & experiences with all at ODA – you are all very special to him & Sry On.

If you have volunteered with ODA please comment on your experiences with the children for others to read. You may also find further information regarding volunteer work by clicking on the above link.


bec said...

I was fortunate enough to visit the orphanage in Oct 09. And with the help of family and friends, i have just donate $700 Australian dollars. I know the money will be of great help to Leng and the children in his care.

Anonymous said...

please do visit the new website http://orphansdisabledcambodia.org

Jenny said...

I have visited ODA twice now and plan more visits on a annula basis. Leng is just wonderful for these children and the place has certainly touched my heart. I am now trying to source some donors to help with laying for education for the boys as they wish to attend university. See you again in 2011.

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