Children of ODA

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Yeum Phanny (also known as Pheak), age 11, loves painting and wants to be an Artist and also a Doctor when he grows up. Currently Pheak is at the 1st art level, which he enjoys drawing landscapes and animals. He enjoys fixing bicycles and playing football with the boys, Bhub is his younger brother.

Heang Chanly, age 12, likes painting (his favorite) and sculpture/carving, but wants to study computers. Cheng Ly’s favorite temples are Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. In addition to English, Cheng Ly wants to learn French and Japanese. He also loves playing football, basketball, hip-hop and disco dancing.

Srey Khoutch, age 15, enjoys painting, especially animals, and learning English. Srey Khoutch is very excited to attend school this fall and wants to be a Painter when she grows up. Srey Khoutch also loves living in countryside of Siem Reap because of all the wonderful people, life, and beautiful scenery. For fun, Srey Khoutch likes playing badminton. Her younger brother is Pav.

Saoum Sok Maly, age 16, loves painting everything, especially houses. She wants to be an Artist, Apsara dancer, and study computers. Her favorite medium is watercolor and one day she hopes to teach painting to children like Leng. Leng has already made a mental note of this for the future. Sok Maly’s dream is to visit a developed country one day. She also enjoys playing badminton, dancing, and watching the kids.

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