Children of ODA

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The Cambodian name is always spoken and written in the order of last name then first name. There is no comma used to separate the last name from the first

Trai Vet, age 17, enjoys drawing, painting, and sculpture/carving. He dreams of studying to be a Webmaster or Architectural Engineer at a University. Trai Vet also likes playing football, learning English, and reading books.

Trai Van, age 17, enjoys the art he is learning at school, but wants to be a guide to be a Doctor to help the smaller villages and ODA when he grows up. Trai Van also likes learning different languages, especially Japanese, because he feels that Japan helps a lot of developing countries around the world and many Japanese tourists visit Cambodia. Trai Van also likes playing football and basketball.

Lan Chea, age 14, likes painting landscapes and portraits. Lan Chea’s dream is to become an Electrical Engineer and Artist. His favorite temple is Angkor Wat because it is the biggest and most beautiful. Lan Chea also likes playing football, volleyball, reading English books, and learning magic tricks.

So Chat, age 22, has been with Leng since the 2nd promotion. Although he does not live at the orphanage he is there everyday to learn as much about art as he can. So Chat wants to become a painter learning new art techniques from around the world so he can teach them to the children of Cambodia, like Leng. So Chat’s dream is to live in another country, like the United States, but does not feel it will happen. His favorite sport to play is football.

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